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Beyond the sea

Bailey, Melissa2015
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One summer's day, Freya's husband and son disappeared on a boating trip. A year on, and struggling to cope, Freya returns to the lighthouse-keeper's cottage on a tiny island in the Hebrides where they spent so many happy times. Haunted by visions of the life she used to have, Freya finds comfort in the discovery of her son's diary, written in the weeks before he disappeared. Until a man, Daniel, is washed up on the shore during a storm, and suddenly her dreams turn menacing. As dream and reality merge, Daniel seems to be turning up wherever she goes and she has no idea what he wants from her. Is her mind playing tricks? Or is the danger she senses real?
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Beyond the sea / Melissa Bailey.
London : Arrow Books, 2015.London : Arrow Books, 2015.
291 pages ; 20 cm
9780099584957 (pbk)
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