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Suspicion at seven

Purser, Ann2015
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Lois Meade is back to prove that when it comes to crime, appearances may be deceiving. After a woman is discovered in the Mill House Hotel, strangled with a silver necklace beside a bag filled with faux gems, jeweller Donald Black seems like the obvious suspect. But Lois knows Donald's wife and can't believe her husband is a killer. Plus, Donald has an airtight alibi. Nevertheless, Donald is no angel. He's running a pyramid scheme, and Lois's mother is getting sucked in. Could the murder have anything to do with his unscrupulous business? As Inspector Cowgill and Lois hope the bling may shine a light on the killer, the discovery of a second body in the hotel may prove the key to solving the murder - if they can catch the culprit before someone else checks out.
Main title:
Suspicion at seven / Ann Purser.
Purser, Ann, author
New York : Berkley, 2015.New York : Berkley, 2015.
304 pages ; 18 cm.
Series title:
9780425261798 (pbk)
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