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Wrath of the furies

Saylor, Steven, 1956-2016
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In 88 B.C., it seems as if the ancient world is at war. In the west, the Italian states are rebelling against Rome; in the east, Mithridates is marching through and conquering the Roman Asian provinces. Even in Alexandria, a coup has brought a new Pharaoh to power and chaos to the streets. The young Gordianus has been waiting out the chaos in Alexandria, with Bethesda, when he gets a message from his former tutor and friend, Antipater. Now in Ephesus, as part of Mithridates' entourage, Antipater seems to think that his life is in imminent danger. To rescue him, Gordianus concocts a daring scheme to go 'behind enemy lines' and bring Antipater to safety. But there are deadly forces at work here, which have their own plans for Gordianus. Not sure whether he's a player or a pawn, Gordianus must unravel the mystery behind the message if he's to save himself and the people he holds most dear.
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Wrath of the furies / Steven Saylor.
London : Constable, 2016.London : Constable, 2016.
320 pages ; 24 cm.
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Originally published: New York: Minotaur Books, 2015.
9781472101983 (hbk)
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