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Thumbnail for Odd girl out : an autistic woman in a neurotypical world

Odd girl out : an autistic woman in a neurotypical world

James, Laura E.2017
Books, Manuscripts
What do you do when you wake up in your mid-forties and realise you've been living a lie your whole life? Do you tell? Or do you keep it to yourself? Laura James found out that she was autistic as an adult, after she had forged a career for herself, married twice and raised four children. This book tracks the year of Laura's life after she receives a definitive diagnosis from her doctor, as she learns that 'different' doesn't need to mean 'less' and how there is a place for all of us, and it's never too late to find it. Laura draws on her professional and personal experiences and reflects on her life in the light of her diagnosis, which for her explains some of her differences; why, as a child, she felt happier spinning in circles than standing still and why she has always found it difficult to work in places with a lot of ambient noise.
London : Bluebird, 2017.
225 pages ; 25 cm
9781509843060 (hbk)
Dewey class:
616.85882092616.85882616.858 JAM616.85882 JAM616.858
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