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The Stone Bull [electronic resource]

Whitney, Phyllis A.2017
Schoolteacher Jenny McClain is looking forward to a bright future with her new husband, Brandon, in their glorious new home at the McClain family’s Catskill estate in the Shawangunk Mountains. But Jenny forget her past . . . It was the night her twin sister, Ariel, threatened suicide. An emotional ballerina in Swan Lake, Ariel’s sanity was known to collapse from a simple injury or bad review. But this time, Ariel didn’t cry wolf. Having always lived in the shadow of her sister’s celebrated life, Jenny would henceforth live in the shadow of her death. But she had no idea how far it would reach. Now, among Brandon’s family in upstate New York, there are sinister whispers of guilt and impending danger, all linked to Ariel—to her celebrated legacy, her mysterious death, and the hold she had over all those she loved, hated, and feared. As the pieces of a terrifying puzzle come together, Jenny begins to suspect that she, too, is destined for a doomed fate from which there is no escape.
[Place of publication not identified] : Open Road Media Romance, 2017
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