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Out of my head : on the trail of consciousness

Parks, Tim2018
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Hardly a day goes by without some discussion about whether computers can be conscious, whether our universe is some kind of simulation, whether mind is a unique quality of human beings or spread out across the universe like butter on bread. Most philosophers believe that our experience is locked inside our skulls, an unreliable representation of a quite different reality outside. Colour, smell and sound, they tell us, occur only in our heads. Yet when neuroscientists look inside our brains to see what's going on, they find only billions of neurons exchanging electrical impulses and releasing chemical substances. 'Out of My Head' tells the gripping, highly personal, often surprisingly funny, story of Tim Parks' quest to discover more about this fascinating topic.
Parks, Tim, author
London : Harvill Secker, 2018.
312 pages ; 23 cm
9781911215714 (hbk)
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