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Thumbnail for The Campbell Armstrong Collection Volume One [electronic resource] : The Wanting and Letters From the Dead

The Campbell Armstrong Collection Volume One [electronic resource] : The Wanting and Letters From the Dead

Armstrong, Campbell2018
Writing as Campbell Black, international bestselling author Campbell Armstrong proves he’s as adept at evoking horror as he is at plotting heart-stopping thrillers. The Wanting: When Max and Louise Untermeyer rent a house in a California vacation town, they figure it will be a perfect escape from the city, especially for their twelve-year-old son, Denny. Their neighbors, Dick and Charlotte Summer, are a nice elderly couple who dote on Denny with sweets and gifts. But as the days go by, Louise begins to notice a disturbing change in her son. His innocence seems to be draining away, replaced by something unhealthy, even perverse. As Louise tries to reach her son, she’s about to discover this town holds a terrible secret . . . “A superb storyteller, obviously every bit as talented as Stephen King.” —Times Record News Letters from the Dead: A battered Ouija board promises entertainment for the renters of a broken-down beach house on the Virginia shore. But when they play, thirteen-year-olds Lindy and Tommy receive sinister messages—and their mothers encounter even more disturbing visions in the tiny, gloomy town nearby. Something evil happened here long ago, and one of the vacationers is about to be drawn into the grip of possession by a frightening force that may prevent them all from ever returning home . . . “A satisfying dank and creepy chiller, about a haunting and possession . . . in and around an isolated beach house.” —Kirkus Reviews
[Place of publication not identified] : Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller, 2018
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