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Kitty Peck and the parliament of shadows

Griffin, Kate, 1963-2019
Books, Manuscripts
When she took over her grandmother's criminal empire, Paradise, Kitty Peck believed she would be able to run it her own way. She didn't fully grasp the reach of her inheritance, nor how much danger it would put her in: her grandmother has left her violently entwined with the Barons of London. With a penchant for gruesome ritual, and already having robbed Kitty of so much that she held dear, these fiends will stop at nothing to gain power. What Kitty needs to do now is to break the Barons' hold on her. She is determined to do away with the dark underbelly of Paradise and build her music halls into the jewels of the East End. But as she begins her final assault on the Barons, a new threat appears in the form of an eerily charismatic preacher on a crusade against 'wickedness and vice'. Can Kitty save Paradise from destruction, without losing any more of the people she loves?
Main title:
London : Faber & Faber, 2019.
545 pages ; 20 cm.
Series title:
9780571325603 (pbk)
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