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Thumbnail for A dutiful boy : a memoir of a gay Muslim's journey to acceptance

A dutiful boy : a memoir of a gay Muslim's journey to acceptance

Zaidi, Mohsin2020
Books, Manuscripts
Mohsin grew up in a deprived pocket of east London; his family was close-knit but very religiously conservative. From a young age Mohsin felt different but in a home where being gay was inconceivable he also felt very alone. Outside of home Mohsin went to a failing inner city school where gang violence was a fact of life. As he grew up life didn't seem to offer teenage Mohsin any choices: he was disenfranchised as a poor, brown boy, and he was isolated from his family as a closet gay Muslim. However Mohsin had incredible drive and he used education as a way out of his home life and to throw himself into a new kind of life. He became the first person from his school to go to Oxford University and there he found the freedom to come out to his friends. But Oxford was a whole different world with its own huge challenges and Mohsin found himself increasingly conflicted.
London : Square Peg, 2020.
280 pages ; 24 cm
9781529110142 (hbk)
Dewey class:
340.092340.092 ZAIB ZAI
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