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Thumbnail for The queen's secret : a novel of England's World War II queen

The queen's secret : a novel of England's World War II queen

Harper, Karen (Karen S.)2020
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1939. As the wife of King George VI and the mother of the future queen, Elizabeth - 'the queen mother' - shows a warm, smiling face to the world. But it's no surprise that Hitler himself calls her the 'Most Dangerous Woman in Europe.' For behind that soft voice and kindly demeanor is a will of steel. Two years earlier, George was thrust onto the throne when his brother Edward abdicated, determined to marry his divorced, American mistress Mrs Simpson. Vowing to do whatever it takes to make her husband's reign a success, Elizabeth endears herself to the British people, and prevents the former king and his brazen bride from ever again setting foot in Buckingham Palace. Elizabeth holds many powerful cards, she's also hiding damaging secrets about her past and her provenance that could prove to be her undoing.
New York : William Morrow Paperbacks, 2020.
384 pages ; 21 cm
9780062885487 (pbk)
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