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Thursday nights at the Bluebell Inn

Fielding, Kit2021
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Each week, six women of different ages and from varying backgrounds come together at The Bluebell Inn. They form an unlikely and occasionally triumphant, ladies darts team, but it is there hidden stories of love and loss that in the end binds them. There is the Irish widow with a heartbreaking secret; the young daughter of a gypsy family experiencing love for the first time; a cat woman alone with her memories who must return to the place of her birth before it's all too late. Their unspoken stories are ones of heartache, dull marriages, abusive relationships, lost loves and secret hopes. These displaced women know little of each other's lives, but their weekly meetings at their local pub weave a delicate and sustaining connection between them all, a constant that maybe they can rely on as the crossroads in their individual lives threaten to overwhelm.
Main title:
London : Coronet, 2021.
345 pages ; 20 cm
Originally published: 2019.
9781529378580 (pbk)
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