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Immortal angel

Sands, Lynsay2020
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For almost a century, Ildaria Garcia has been on the run, a trouble magnet with a knack for taking down bad guys. Lately, her vigilante tendencies have drawn unwelcome attention to her fellow Immortals. Forced to relocate, Ildaria is supposed to lay low in a new town. Instead, she quickly entangles herself with six and a half feet of muscular, tattooed trouble. Joshua James Simpson Guiscard, aka G.G., knows a lot about Immortals - enough to make him wary. Yet from the moment Ildaria walks into his club, he feels desire stronger than anything he's known. Accepting the fact that they might be life mates is disconcerting. But when her past catches up to them, G.G. faces a choice - confront his demons at last, or lose a passion that's hot as hell.
Main title:
Immortal angel / Lynsay Sands.
London : Gollancz, 2020.
352 pages ; 20 cm.
Series title:
9781473230521 (pbk)
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