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Under the mistletoe

Flynn, Katie, 1936-20192020
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Liverpool, 1940. When war comes to Britain, Jessica Wilson and her friend Ruby seize the opportunity to leave behind the orphanage they grew up in and start new lives in the NAAFI. With only forged papers as identification the girls expect to be turned away but are delighted with an offer of work. For the first time in their lives they experience real independence and it isn't long before they're spending their evenings enjoying the delights of Liverpool. When Jessica meets the handsome Tom, she feels as though her life is complete, but after a chance encounter with a friend, she soon learns that not everything is as it seems. As Jessica begins to uncover the truth, she unravels a web of lies, starting with the night of her birth.
Main title:
Under the mistletoe / Katie Flynn.
London : Century, 2020.
387 pages ; 25 cm
9781529123883 (hbk)
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