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How to live when you could be dead

James, Deborah (Columnist)2022
Books, Manuscripts
So how do you flip your mind from a negative spiral into realistic hope? How do you stop focusing on the why and realise that why not me is just as valid a pathway? How we learn to respond to any given situation empowers us or destroys us. We have the ability in our mind to dictate the outcome - bad or good - and with the right skills and approach, we can be the master of it. This book will show you how. It will awaken you to question your life as if you didn't have tomorrow and live it in the way you want to today. It will show you how to build a growth mindset and through this invite you to think about what you could do if you believed you could change and do anything you want.
Main title:
London : Vermilion, 2022.
xi, 228 pages ; 23 cm
9781785043598 (hbk)
Dewey class:
158.1092158.1158.1092 JAM158.109.JAM
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