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On the marsh : a year surrounded by wildness and wet

Barnes, Simon2021
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When writer Simon Barnes heard a Cetti's warbler sing out as he turned up to look at a house for sale, he knew immediately that he had found his new home. The fact that his garden backed onto an area of marshy land only increased the possibilities, but there was always the fear that it might end up in the wrong hands and be lost to development or intensive farming. His wife saw through the delicate negotiations for the purchase. Once they'd bought it, they began to manage it as a conservation area, working with the Wildlife Trust to ensure it became as appealing as possible to all species. For their son Eddie, who has Down's syndrome, it became a place of calm and inspiration. In this book, we see how nature can always bring surprises, and share in the triumphs as new animals - Chinese water deer, otters and hedgehogs - arrive, and watch as the number of species of bird tops 100 and keeps on growing.
Main title:
On the marsh : a year surrounded by wildness and wet / Simon Barnes with contributions by Edmund Barnes ; illustrations by Cindy Lee Wright.
London : Simon & Schuster, 2021.
342 pages : illustrations (black and white), map (black and white) ; 20 cm
Originally published: 2019.
9781471168512 (pbk)
Dewey class:
639.90941639.90941 BAR639.909
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