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These tangled vines

MacLean, Julianne2021
Books, Manuscripts
If Fiona has learned anything in life, it's how to keep a secret - even from the father who raised her. She is the only person who knows about her late mother's affair in Tuscany thirty years earlier, and she intends to keep it that way - until a lawyer calls with shocking news: her biological father has died and left her an incredible inheritance - along with two half siblings. Fiona travels to Italy, where the family is shocked to learn of her existence and desperate to contest her share of the will. While the mystery of her mother's affair is slowly unraveled, Fiona must navigate through tricky family relationships and tense sibling rivalries. Fiona both fears and embraces her new destiny as she searches for the truth about the fateful summer her mother spent in Italy and the father she never knew.
Main title:
These tangled vines / Julianne MacLean.
Seattle : Lake Union Publishing, 2021.
304 pages
9781542025393 (pbk)
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