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How to be a refugee

May, Simon (Simon Philip Walter)2021
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The most familiar fate of Jews living in Hitler's Germany is either emigration or deportation to concentration camps. But there was another, much rarer, side to Jewish life at that time: denial of your origin to the point where you manage to erase almost all consciousness of it. You refuse to believe that you are Jewish. 'How to Be a Refugee' is Simon May's account of how three sisters - his mother and his two aunts - grappled with what they felt to be a lethal heritage. Their very different trajectories included conversion to Catholicism, marriage into the German aristocracy, securing 'Aryan' status with high-ranking help from inside Hitler's regime, and engagement to a card-carrying Nazi.
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How to be a refugee / Simon May.
Rearsby : Clipper Large Print Books, 2021.
444 pages (large print)
9781004052288 (pbk)
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