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Russia : revolution and civil war, 1917-1921

Beevor, Antony, 1946-2022
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Between 1917 and 1921 a devastating struggle took place in Russia following the collapse of the Tsarist empire. Many regard this savage civil war as the most influential event of the modern era. An incompatible White alliance of moderate socialists and reactionary monarchists stood little chance against Trotsky's Red Army and Lenin's single-minded Communist dictatorship. Terror begat terror, which in turn led to even greater cruelty with man's inhumanity to man, woman and child. The struggle became a world war by proxy as Churchill deployed weaponry and troops from the British empire, while armed forces from the United States, France, Italy, Japan, Poland and Czechoslovakia played rival parts. Antony Beevor assembles the complete picture in a gripping narrative that conveys the conflict through the eyes of everyone from the worker on the streets of Petrograd to the cavalry officer on the battlefield.
London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2022.
576 pages : illustrations (black and white), maps (black and white) ; 24 cm
Maps on lining papers.Includes bibliographical references and index.
9781474610148 (hbk)
Dewey class:
947.0841947.084947.0841 BEE
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