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Look both ways

Barclay, Linwood2022
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The residents of Garrett Island are part of a visionary experiment. For one month, they've got self-driving vehicles called Arrivals. With just a voice command, an Arrival will take you where you want to go, and as the cars are all aware of each other, road accidents should be a thing of the past. As the world's press arrives for a glimpse of this driverless future, islander and single mom Sandra preps for the huge media event. She's ready for this new world. Her husband died when he fell asleep at the wheel, and she's relieved her two teens may never need driver's licenses. But as the day gets underway, there are signs all is not well. A member of the press has vanished. There are rumours of industrial sabotage. Before long, the sleek driverless cars are no longer taking orders. They're starting to organise. They're starting to hunt. And they've got the residents of Garrett Island in their sights.
Main title:
Look both ways / Linwood Barclay.
London : HQ, 2022.
367 pages ; 24 cm
9780008499549 (hbk)
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