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A history of ancient Rome in 100 lives

Matyszak, Philip2023
Books, Manuscripts
Discover the lives of the ancient Romans, pieced together from inscriptions, discarded letters, biographies and myth over two thousand years of history. The Roman empire witnessed a huge diversity of human experience over its history. At its pinnacle, it exerted its rule across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, from Britannia to the Black Sea. In this collection of 100 lives, Philip Matyszak and Joanne Berry give voice not only to famed rulers and generals whose names and deeds have been enshrined in classical texts but also to the ordinary citizens - centurions, scholars, Christian martyrs and civil servants - who made up the fabric of Roman society. The biographies of these individuals, whose stories range from the happy and uneventful to the tragic and dramatic, are pieced together from ancient art, artefacts and myths.
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A history of ancient Rome in 100 lives / Philip Matyszak, Joanne Berry.
London : Thames and Hudson, 2023.
304 pages : illustrations (colour) ; 20 cm
9780500297056 (pbk)
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