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The first lie

Park, A. J.2023
Large Print
Paul comes home, and finds a man dead on the floor. His wife stands above him, clutching a letter opener, blood running down her arm. She swears the man was going to kill her - and Paul believes her. Or so he says. It might be because Paul is a lawyer - imminently expecting the call to become a Circuit Judge - and he knows how a case like this will be handled. Not only in the media, but in the courtroom. And he can't let his wife be sent to prison for manslaughter - or watch his own career go down the drain. So, together, the make a choice. The same choice any couple who love each other would make. They dispose of the body. They clean the house, inch by inch, and pretend this never happened. But try as you might to hide it, murder has a way of making itself known.
Main title:
The first lie / A.J. Park.
Park, A. J., author
Rearsby : Clipper Large Print Books, 2023.
420 pages (large print)
Standard print edition originally published: London: Orion, 2019.
9781004106813 (pbk)
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